What is Laminine

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What is Laminine Food Supplement

Laminine is a protein supplement extracted from partially incubated 9-days old organic eggs. Each capsule has 22 full chain amino acid that is known to repair damaged cells and boosts brain activity. The freeze-dried peptides have anti-aging effects that support the regeneration of weakened cells. Equally important is its effect on nerve and muscle regeneration. In addition, it helps regulate the stress hormone cortisol.

Origin of Laminine

Laminine comes from two words: Laminin (the protein foundation of most cells), and the numerical nine that represents the 9th day the powder was extracted. The dry powder substance was discovered in 1929 by a Canadian Doctor, John Ralston Davidson, and subsequently by Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, an egg researcher from Norway who is the father of Young Tissue Extract (YTE).

Unique Active Ingredient

Laminine contains bioactive peptides (Fibroblast Growth Factors or FGF) that are critical in the development of an embryo. Unlike other protein supplements, these peptides are harvested at the peak of its potency. What makes it unique is the combination of FGF and other ingredients. Equally important is the absence heat during the extraction of the peptides.

The harvesting of FGF uses a patented evaporative cooling machine. As a result, it delivers a perfectly white rich concentrated egg tissue protein.

Immediate Benefits

Laminine promotes anti-aging and cell rejuvenation. It also helps with auto-immune diseases and boosts bone & muscular recovery. Studies also show how it helps regulate normal blood sugar. In addition, new tests show how Laminine help lengthen the telomere of the chromosomes, helping ease joint pain.

Significantly, it is known to reduce cortisol levels. Chronic stress are serious medical conditions where “job pressure” remains the leading cause of stress in the USA. Laminine was created specifically as a daily regimen to help you live longer, free from the ravages of daily stress. Laminine help reduce the harmful effect of stress to up to 23.7 percent.

✓ Elevate Serotonin Levels
✓ Reduce stress
✓ Promote more restful sleep
✓ Helps build collagen for healthier skin
✓ Reduce signs of aging
✓ Stimulate natural DHEA
✓ Stimulate testosterone
✓ Aid in brain function
✓ Increase clarity and alertness
✓ Increase in physical strength
✓ Increase in mental strength
✓ Increase in emotional strength
✓ Decrease pain
✓ Quicker muscle recovery
✓ Increased muscle tone
✓ Increased libido
✓ Improved stamina and energy
✓ Utilize fat cells

Useful Protein Combination

Protein is one of the three macronutrients, along with carbs and fat that the body needs. But without signal protein molecules like FGF, the amino acid chain will not know what to do. FGF is responsible for building the linings in the blood vessels. As a result, it creates an important infrastructure for nutrients to flow to the critical areas of the brain and other organs. It works best when the right protein material is present in the body. (PDR.net)

The FGF Mechanism of Action

The bioactive peptides in Laminine stimulate the dormant stem cells to utilize the Phyto amino acids and marine protein to repair damaged aged cells [PDR]. It contains Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF that is the science behind Laminine. FGF is important because it boosts the development of an embryo. When ingested, FGF works as a signaling protein that directs the amino acids in the body to maintain or repair damaged or aging cells.

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Is Laminine Supplement for you?

Laminine activates existing adult stem cells in the body to repair damaged tissues and lengthen the telomere.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person.

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