What is Laminine

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What is Laminine

Laminine is a supplement extracted from partially incubated 9-days old organic eggs. Each capsule has 22 full chain amino acid protein that boosts brain activity. The freeze-dried peptides have anti-aging effects that support muscle regeneration, reduces cortisol levels, and promotes rapid cell repair.


Laminine came from two words: Laminin (protein foundation of most cells), and number nine, which refers to the 9th day when the fertilized egg was extracted. The substance was discovered in 1929 by Dr. John Ralston Davidson, and subsequently by Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, an egg researcher from Norway who discovered YTE.

Unique Active Ingredients

Laminine contains bioactive peptides (Fibroblast Growth Factors or FGF) that are critical in the development of an embryo. These peptides extracted at the peak of its potency on the ninth day of incubation are responsible for building the linings in the blood vessels, creating the infrastructure for the nutrients to flow to critical areas of the brain and organs.

Mechanism of action – The bioactive peptides in Laminine stimulate the dormant stem cells to utilize the phyto amino acids and marine protein to repair damaged aged cells. [PDR]

Whitepaper and clinical studies on Laminine

Where it all began

Laminine’s main component is the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract or FAEE. The beginnings of FAEE or what can be referred to as “egg extract” began with Davidson. He hypothesized that if there was a way to extract the life-giving component of an egg. These signal molecule proteins are responsible for spurting cellular growth in a full-grown chicken can be adapted and benefit the human genome.

This micronutrient that promotes angiogenesis will also hypothetically do the same thing in the human body, giving birth to new nerve, cells, and muscles. He first used mice and small animals and confirmed his initial findings.

Laminine benefits

Davidson, Eskeland, Mortensen

In 1929, Davidson announced that the extracted egg protein was able to help his cancer patient recover. However, instead of accolades, he was mocked. Apparently, the political motivation behind it was the pharmaceutical industrial revolution happening at that time. The formulation died with him until decades later when Bjodne Eskeland, a Norwegian Doctor picked up from where he left.

In 1986, Eskeland published his findings on his life-long research on egg nutrition. He called it Young Tissue Extract. Together with Nils Mortensen (Immitec Norge AS), they used a technology that preserved the peptides in the extract. Eskeland is considered as the father of YTE.

Fibroblast Growth Factor

In 2012, Eskeland joined LifePharm Network. Together with other scientists, they created a special blend of proteins that included the third generation of YTE which was called Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE) which is the prime component of the OPT9 Blend formula of Laminine dietary supplement.

Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF that promotes angiogenesis and growth spurts is the active ingredient of Laminine.

Amino acids ingredients of Laminine
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