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Effect of IMMUNE+++ and LAMININE on normal white blood cell count levels

The study was designed to test the effects of LifePharm IMMUNE+++, independently and in combination with Laminine on total white blood cell (lymphocyte) count, which includes natural killer cells, B cells, and T cells. It was a placebo-controlled study that took place over 12 weeks.

Ten individuals participated in the study, divided into three groups: A, B, and C. Group A was on placebo. Group B took only IMMUNE+++, and Group C took IMMUNE+++ in concert with Laminine.


Expectedly, individual results in Group A were mixed, but on average, all subjects experienced a downregulation in white blood cell levels. Group B results were positive overall, despite a down-regulation in natural killer cells in the group.

The results in Group C (one Laminine and one IMMUNE+++twice a day) were the most significant and encouraging despite the small sample size.

T-Cells and White blood cells

Natural killer cells, B cells, T cells, and overall white blood cells increased significantly during the 12 weeks, suggesting that IMMUNE+++ is even more effective when taken with Laminine.

Overall, the results in Group B and Group C suggest that IMMUNE+++ may help to boost the white blood cell count within the normal range.

When combined with Laminine, IMMUNE+++ increases the count within the normal range and is even more effective at supporting healthy immune function in individuals of various ages and genders.

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