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Effects of LAMININE on Wound Healing Activity

In a 1997 study, immediately following surgery, (animal) subjects were randomized to receive either an amino acid diet or a peptide diet for ten days. The strength of the wound was measured.

Wound bursting pressure was found to be significantly higher in subjects receiving the peptide diets than in those just receiving amino acid diets.

The authors suggest that dietary peptides may stimulate growth factors such as growth hormone, insulin, or insulin growth factor (IGF-1).

They also postulate that the amino acid entry into the cell via peptide transporters may be more efficient for the stimulation of protein synthesis than an entry in the form of just amino acids.

Other possible mechanisms suggested by the authors for the increased wound healing with peptide versus nonpeptide diets include stimulation of collagen synthesis, increased blood flow to the wound, free radical scavenging, and generation of cytokine profiles which better support wound healing.

Although proper dosage depends on the severity of the wound, generally for post-surgery, 2 to 4 capsules is an ideal dosage. Based on user-experience, healing process shortened to about 30%.

PDR Sections:

  1. Laminine on faster wound healing.
  2. Study shows a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol.
  3. Effects of Laminine in normal blood sugar levels.
  4. Effects of Laminine and Laminine Omega on cholesterol.
  5. Laminine and Immune on white blood cell count levels.
  6. Digestive on gut integrity and colon health.

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