LifePharm OMNIA Skin Collagen Booster

lifepharm OMNIA

LifePharm OMNIA Skin Health Supplement

OMNIA Skin Health is the first skin nutrition supplement formulated with Fertilized Egg Extract, Spriluna, and Red Clover Blossom that naturally promotes collagen production and the telomere repair on the chromosome.

Telomere Lengthening

OMNIA is unique because it promotes the lengthening of the telomere. Telomeres are a cap on the end of your DNA. The DNA in your stem cells is protected by telomeres but as we age, it becomes shorter.

Study published by the Physician’s Desk Reference indicates Laminine’s positive effects on aging as well as other effects on stress, blood sugar, cholesterol, and real-time study on Lamiderm skin collagen production.

Collagen Boost

The proprietary egg extract, found in Laminine OMNIA, lengthens telomeres. Combined with Lamiderm serum, the result is a strong boost in collagen production from inside out.

→ Laminine on DNA Telomeres activity and osteoarthritis.

Ingredient Blends

  • Rejuvenation Complex
  • Super Vitamin B Complex
  • Antioxidant and Botanical Blend
  • Laminine Egg Bioactive Growth Factors:
    Laminine’s active ingredient comes from a 9-days old avian egg. The extract known as Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE) is a unique source of these anti-aging elements: FG, Lysyl Oxidase (LOX), and Polypeptides

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Laminine OMNIA and Lamiderm price.


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