Laminine Side Effects


Known Side Effects of Laminine

Based on our survey, the following is an independent product review of our customers taking Laminine. We have listed the most common experience attributed to what can be considered as Laminine side effects.

Allergy & Rashes

At least one customer complained of having experienced itchiness. We found out that she had an allergic reaction to eggs. Although these were mild and isolated rashes that appeared on the arms, she discontinued use.

Another user had experienced a watery or itchy nose. His allergic reaction disappeared after a few weeks of taking Laminine every other day.

→ Suggested dosage if you have egg allergies.

Drugs and Medicine Interaction

Generally, there is no contraindication with drugs or medicine. However, if you take oil-based vitamins or supplements, it is discouraged to be taken together, unless during mealtime.

Additionally, if you are also taking Laminine OMEGA or Digestive, you should take them at least 30-minutes before or after ingesting the medicine.

Reaction with Antibiotic

If you are under an antibiotic regimen or retroviral drugs, you can take Laminine after 30-minutes of taking medicine. If you are taking several medicines, the combination of Laminine and Digestive Plus is recommended.

Increased Body Temperature

Some of our customers taking Laminine for cancer and kidney have experience increased body temperature for the first few days. According to our medical consultant, the amino acids in Laminine boost blood circulation, resulting in increased body temperatures.

If the patient has blood infection or low blood count, the FGF in Laminine works almost immediately, triggering cell and stem cells in the body to mobilize.

Laminine Ingredients is a blend of pea protein, fish cartilage, and egg extract from 9-day old incubated eggs. Side effects may arise if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Soft Bowels & Protein Intolerance

Customers who have infection and inflammation had a soft bowel movement for the first week when they took Laminine. This may happen when cells (organs) react to FGF proteins that promote purging of waste cell matters.

Such can also be a form of bile acid diarrhea. Also, people may have a certain form of lactose intolerance that can lead to diarrhea (NCBI).

If you are experiencing this, oily and fatty food should be avoided, and drink plenty of water. In effect, this is a result of detoxification.


A few customers complained of feeling sleepy for the first few days after taking Laminine. This may happen for people who have been stressed for very long periods.

Research shows that Laminine regulates cortisol levels (PDR). You need to sleep if the body calls for it. Besides, Laminine is an adaptogen, and body response may vary.

Cortisol can regulate our wake and sleep cycle (WebMD). Once the recovery cycle is complete, the effect of Laminine shifts to mental focus and acuity.

Cramps and minor pain

A few customers complained of having slight twitches on the body organs they have problems with. Although the pain sensation was infrequent and short, it is no cause for alarm.

According to our medical consultants, conditions such as cancer in a particular organ, the sudden influx of signaling proteins (FGF in Laminine) may cause this sensation. Reducing the dosage will help this kind of side effect.

Upset Stomach

A few customers complained of stomach upset. It usually disappears by taking Laminine with a carbohydrate meal. However, for lactose intolerant, it may not always work.

Kidney: Creatinine levels

Patients with CKD or kidney problems usually suffer from high levels of creatinine. Since Laminine is basically protein, an upsurge in creatinine levels may be experienced, depending on the dosage.

The patient may experience a temporary spike in creatinine level, especially for chronic kidney failure.

Although overdosing is suggested in most sicknesses, not in conditions relating to the kidney, what is suggested is to take only one capsule of Laminine once or thrice a week for at least 6 weeks or until the condition improves.

The kind of protein Laminine has is needed to synthesize and repair kidney cells. You can increase the dosage as soon as the creatinine begins to declines.

For Chronic Kidney Condition (CKD), creatine (protein) helps increase recovery time in (muscular) cells. It’s an essential “repair” ingredient for damaged tissues. However, an “excess” supplement may exacerbate symptoms. Minimal intake at a slow increasing pace is recommended. (*This is an independent resource video)


Laminine has no known contraindication or side effects with other drugs. However, like in most supplements, it is generally advised to take it at least 30 minutes before taking drugs or medication.

You can also take Laminine with an empty stomach, but not recommended taking it alone with an acidic drink.

Generally, for fatty acid supplements (like Laminine OMEGA), caution should be taken when taking it with other products like Orlistat (Xenical, Alli).

Taking fish oil with this weight-loss drug might decrease the absorption of fish oil fatty acids. You can take Laminine OMEGA two hours apart. Also, a fish oil supplement may reduce Vitamin E levels. (Mayo Clinic)

Laminine Review:
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DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person.

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  1. With all said and done. I think any supplement can have bad side effect. I did try this product and its true, its gotten me sleepy head over the first few weeks… but then that could be a good thing.


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