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Laminine NZ

Laminine is now available in New Zealand, Direct Delivery

For quiet some time, Laminine was only available Australia-direct. Now you can order Laminine products and have it delivered door to door anywhere in New Zealand. To order, please click any of our BUY BUTTONS and choose preferred customer. Select “New Zealand” as country of destination.

Laminine New Zealand Price
Preferred Customer Option

Laminine 1 Bottle (30 Capsules)$33.00 USD
Pack 1001 Eco-Bottle (120 Capsules)$125.00 USD
Pack 2001 Laminine + 1 Omega (30 Capsules each)$250 USD
Edge Eco120 Capsules x 5 Bottles$599.00 USD
Stem Cell Rejuvenation Holiday Pack1 Laminine, 1 Omnia, 1 Lamiderm, 1 Free Nano Facial Mister$249.00 USD
Nutritional Powerhouse1 Bottle each (Laminine, OMEGA+, Digestive+, Immune+)$125.00 USD
Refive Box30 Count*$159.00 USD

Each Packets of Refive contains*
– 2 LAMININE Capsules
– 1 OMEGA+++ Softgel
– 1 DIGESTIVE+++ Capsule
– 1 IMMUNE+++ Tablet

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