Laminine Testimony on Fibromyalgia


Laminine Fibromyalgia Supplement Testimony

Jat Rabago had symptoms of immunodeficiency since 2004. It caused her so much pain and distress. Six years after, she was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

She often got tired, had memory lapses, mood swings, and difficulty sleeping. Worse, she suffered widespread muscle pain at the slightest touch in certain parts of her body. The chronic disease got the best of her.

Hopeless with fibromyalgia

For two years, she wrestled with weakness, muscle, and joint pain. She was always tired. She was in and out of the hospital. The muscle pain was too much for her, and she could not walk or sit without taking a pain reliever.

Jat began to have blurred vision. Her body gave in to diabetes, pituitary adenoma, slip disc, gastric problems, sinusitis, rhinitis, and even myoma. But the worst complication was depression. Only prayers sustained her.

Laminine for fibromyalgia

In 2012, a friend introduced her to Laminine. She took four capsules each day, and within a week, she began to experience something different in her body. Soon, her intermittent headache was gone.

She could walk without taking pain relievers and in six months, the chronic pain was gone. Rabago’s doctor began to reduce her medications and in a few months, she was no longer dependent on them.

Even after many years, Jat couldn’t believe how Laminine worked to suppress her widespread musculoskeletal pain. The disorder has left her, and she feels normal. More importantly, she is thankful to God.

Today, her vision is better, her sugar is normal, and even her myoma disappeared.


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