Role of FGF in signaling cancer cell

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Fibroblast Growth Factor in fighting cancer cells

Cancer has been around since ancient times. Although there are speculations caused by preserved food and genetic factors, the issue is really finding treatment. In 1929, Dr. John Ralston Davidson wanted to help his cancer patient recover. He hypothesized that the protein from a partially incubated egg might help inhibit cancer and tumor cells.

In the 1990s, CTV Toronto featured Dr. Ralston’s scientific discovery. The extract that was developed initially referred to as YTE, we know now as Laminine.

WATCH VIDEO: CTV Toronto documentary on Dr. Davidson

Role of FGF in cancer cell mutants

Dr. Rhea Magalona was a guest panel at the ‘Be Alive’ TV show aired a few years ago at GMA TV, Philippines. She explained that when a patient has a cell mutant gene, FGF can communicate to the cell on the onset of the destruction and tell it to stop proliferating.

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The FGF component

The role of Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF is to communicate with the cell either to repair itself or, in this case, for cancer cells to “commit suicide,” as Dr. Magalona puts it. FGF is one component of Laminine ingredients: OPT9, which is unique compared to other simple protein supplements.

When an abnormal signal occurs, these cancerous cells may continue to multiply. If the body is healthy enough, these cells stop multiplying and eventually shrink, aided by stem cell molecular units and amino acids needed for cell recuperation.


The science behind Laminine is the combination of amino acids and FGF. It has an important signaling role in the development and progression of the tumor. Research shows that it affects cancer cell proliferation, migration, and survival. The bottom line, the FGF presents a significant therapeutic opportunity, according to the research.

WATCH VIDEO: Dr. Magalona at Be Alive TV Show, Philippines

Fibroblast Growth Factor on cancer metastasis

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