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What is Laminine

What is Laminine Laminine is a protein supplement extracted from partially incubated 9-days...
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Recommended Dosage 1. For maintaining healthy cells Condition: Stressed people,...
frequently asked questions

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Laminine FAQ What is Laminine? Laminine is a combination of Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, Marine Protein from fish cartilage and Phyto...
laminine ingredients

Laminine ingredients

Ingredients of Laminine Laminine ingredients have two important components: 22+ Full chain amino acids = protein and Fibroblast Growth Factor...
laminine benefits

Laminine Benefits

Seven most important Laminine benefits Recommended as a daily dietary supplement, Laminine benefits those who are overly stressed, involved in...

The science behind Laminine

The significance of FGF2 signaling protein Fertilized Avian Egg Extract Also known as FAEE, its beginning is can be traced from...